Tuiscope page header graphic showing Mt Pirongia, some hydrangeas and two Tuiscope logo tuis.
What's a Tui? graphic
Photo of a tui - a native bird of Aotearoa (New Zealand)
This is a real tui
  • A tui is a native bird of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Sings a lot better than I do, eats nectar and fruit, is a bit bigger than a blackbird and looks black from a distance but is really covered with iridescent rainbows of purple and blues and greens, (my favourite colours) It has a little white tuft at the throat and a pretty lace collar of white feathers around its neck. They are one of the few natives which are successfully adapting from life in the bush to life in the "burbs".
  • It is also a brand of beer. Sometimes when I tell people my name is Tui they tell me theirs is Steinlager or DB. Sigh!
This button is nothing to do with tui-birds.
It's just here to entertain my author friends:

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